Getting started


  • Install Eddy
  • Install BlueCFD in the default folder: C:\Program Files\blueCFD-Core-2017


  • Eddy comes with starter templates that you can find by right clicking on the Template component, see below.


  • Select a template of your choice and follow the enumerated markers through the canvas.

  • To get started with a comprehensive example of wind analysis and annual outdoor thermal comfort, please refer to the template 3_AnnualOutdoorComfort for now.

Parallel computation

There is currently an issues with Microsoft’s and BlueCFD’s MPI dll which is why a run with multiple CPUs might fail. You need both dlls to be the same file, see here for instructions on how to ensure that.

Simple workflows

We value efficient workflows! See below for a one-directional urban CFD setup.


Video tutorials

Simple wind analysis

Multi-directional / annual wind analysis

Pressure coefficients on building facade