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Latest Version

Known issues

  • Probing on decomposed cases doesn’t work for now (need to reconstruct first)
  • Culling points feature for the probing component doesn’t work for joined geometries
  • With coarse meshes, we sometimes probe outside the domain which yields +inf result. Needs to be culled manually.


  • Fix for problem with cp probing.
  • Added swtich for potentialFoam initialization and mesh renumbering.
  • Added Lawson, Davenport, and NEN8100 pedestrian comfort indices.
  • PedestrianComfortIndices


  • Fix for change in latest Rhino release.
  • Probing component automatically refreshes after probing has finished.


  • Added: cellPoint interpolation instead of cellPointFace
  • Fix: WindFactors, MRT, UTCI running
  • Fix: Many bug fixes
  • Added: Paraview/Residual component now select from executable of
  • Added: Template engine implemented


  • Fix: turbulentEpsilon was 0 if the ABL BC was in use


  • Fix: Both Box and Cylinder are converging properly when terrain is in use
  • Fix: Alwas load the residuals for the first wind direction instead of wind direction “0” if the selection is empty
  • Fix: locationInMesh works with Terrain for BoxDomain
  • Change: fvSchemes according to SimScale
  • Change: New mesh settings
  • Change: Slip BC for all symmetry patches instead of symmetry
  • Fix: Domain has correct size if TerrainMesh is being used
  • Fix: Perim .stls were written in snappyHexMeshDict if TerrainMesh was connected
  • Added: Option to adapt dimensions of box domains
  • Fix: Erroneous case decomposition with BlueCFD
  • Change: Renamed output of settings components
  • Added: div(U) batch files


  • New component: ParaView can now be opened from the canvas
  • Fixes:
  • The ParaView are now called as their respective wind directions which helps to distinguish them if more than one if opened in ParaView


  • First release